coffee table

For many years we have this old coffe table at home, mummy told me that when she was young her father sawed off  long legs of the bookcase and it became a coffe table.
So i decided its my time to recover it))



kitchen table - 2

The second attempt of kitchen table remake

Previously it looks like this
And after i've found a new technique of decoupage for plain surfaces i decided to try it.
The process is below:


baby shoes-2 - детские тапули-2

My yesterday's insomnia was rather productive - 2 pair of shoes for little ladies: 


for Margosha (6,5 months old) 

for Nicka (7,5 months old) 

 the size is the same about 10 cm
the tutorial is here

baby shoes - детские тапули

Inspired by this tutorial i decided to sew baby shoes. 
I have my dear little friend Margosha who will be my model.

baby samper - метрика на заказ

Baby samper for a little boy, bear with bottle

cat - teether - грызунок

Cat- teether made on order for one little boy

mouses мышки

for brother
for Nicka
for Margosha
on order for Kirill
the last one was made as rattle, i've added some buckweat into the little case inside mouse, so its now rattling rather loud

plump girl толстушка


 рост 20 см

Rabbit Lars

Rabbit Lars for my dear mummy, he came to celebrate her b-day.

 Заяц для мамы, пришел на празднование ее дня рождения.

rabbit with carrot

Rabbit for one little boy