violet sleepy angel

31 cm

green sleepy angel

made for the January’s Tilda Challenge 
"Tilda Angel – Green"
                                                                                 31 cm

little angels

height 15 cm

little cake angel

height 12 cm

Tilda snails

length 20 cm

Tilda bears

valentine's bears
bears flavored with coffee and cinnamon
height 17 and 21 cm

New Year bear family

attic cats

cats were flavored with coffee, cinnamon and vanilla
and baked in the oven, so artificially aged fabric makes them look like old cats from the attic 

rose angel

pretty one, height 28 cm

january order on Tilda

7 hardworking days and 18 Tilda creatures are ready:
9 tilda, 2 tilda bears, 4 attic cats, 3 angels
The order was sent, so now waiting for the first sales in Moscow shop



rose angel

Country girl - она же домовушка

хотелось себе сделать домовушку, хранительницу дома и очага, вот какая получилась


Tilda long santa - длинный санта

Заказала в одной СП тканюшку красную гороховую, очень хотелось примерять ее на кого-то, за одно и испробовать габардин для тела, купленный во Львове, вот и пошился такой вот красавец

lollipop angel

This angel i planned to gift to one little princess, but it suddenly flyed to Sweden, so the same angel is in my plans for today